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About Us

Get to know our organization.

Who we are

KPRO is the Professional Services group of KMVT15 Community Television. While we are a non-profit 501c3 organization, we also provide high-quality services to help organizations grow their business through the power of video.
Our Production Service

We provide the creative talent to conceptualize, capture, edit, and finalize your video – from concept to completion from script to screen!

We work with you to

…shoot the requisite footage on location, in studio, anywhere, anytime — utilizing our professional crew, high-end video equipment, and our television studios.

Our Capability

Staffed with a world-class team of experienced & creative talent, we work closely with our clients to transform concepts into compelling, PBS-quality promotional messages, training films, documentaries, and inspirational videos

Our Team

We offer you high-end, innovative video production services

  • We capture the essence of non-profits & local businesses

  • We know our communities because we serve our communities

  • We transform concepts into compelling promotional messages, documentaries, & training videos


One more reason for you to hire us…

By hiring KMVT15 Pro, you help support our non-profit community media center that provides access to low-cost media workshops for all ages, media literacy education, hands-on training, and civic engagement.