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TV Studio Production

Our professional award winning staff will work directly with you to develop and refine your media products from initial concept to final delivery. KPRO provides an array of innovative media production services and equipment for your needs.

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Studio and Mobile Truck Rental

We are equipped with a 9,000-sq.ft studio and mobile truck that you can rent for your next video or TV production project. A professional crew is available to assist you and we also provide the right equipment for you.

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Corporate and Marketing Video Production

Our team of experienced creative staff will help you produce the video that will help your business grow. We help you conceptualize, capture, edit, and finalize your video – from concept to completion from script to screen!

  • Product Demos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Company Profiles
  • Promotional
  • Instructional Videos
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Live Events Coverage

We can shoot single- or multi-camera production for your next event. Be it a small room seminar or a conference center, we can provide you with the right crew, equipment, and skills to capture your important event.

In addition, we can also provide livestreaming services which will allow you to make your event viewable by everyone online.

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Corporate Team Building

Cultivate team camaraderie by participating in these programs:

  • Behind the Scenes TV Production
  • Public Speaking on TV
  • Producing a TV Skit

These sessions are designed to improve communication, creative thinking, and collaborative skills in a fun, interactive setting! Programs are customizable to fit your needs.

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